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A Brief Introduction to JIDIEN

In 1945, founder Mr. Da Mo Shen and his partners established the Chung Ho Hung, which specialized in the trading of hardware products.  At the time, the market was not particularly stable. Prices fluctuated dramatically in short periods of time, which certainly was not convenient for the company. With the unstable economy and an uncertain market, Mr. Shen's partners were getting discouraged with the hardware industry and gradually sold their remaining shares in the company.  In 1947, Mr. Shen bought all the remaining shares from his former associates. He became the exclusive owner and added electric appliances to the company's product line. 

When Taiwan began authorizing permits for foreign trade, Chung Ho Hung was one of the first companies in Taiwan to be approved and granted those rights and licenses. Immediately the company started business with Japan.  Mr. Shen's hard work and dedication were the key ingredients for his company's prosperity. 

In 1981, Mr. Da-Mo Shen passed the torch to Mr. Shang Teh Shen, who is the active president today.  The company's business made outstanding progress.  In 1996, Jidien Co., Ltd. was established in Taipei to develop the business in the northern region of Taiwan, and expand its presence in the fast-growing machine automation industry.  Everyone in the company has worked diligently trying to be the best in the industry.  Not only do we develop new products for our customers, we also provide customized solutions with our expertise and experience. 

Under the administration of both presidents, Chung Ho Hung and Jidien are partners with numerous distinguished foreign enterprises.  The companies' prestige and reputation led us to become one of the leaders in Taiwan's machine automation industry.  The companies' technicians and engineers not only surpass others with their remarkable qualifications, but also provide superior maintenance and instruction for the handling of their products in order to satisfy their clients' demands. 

In 2012 both Chung Ho Hung and Jidien were well recognized by the machine automation industry, not only domestically but also worldwide.  We felt the need to establish a strong company image and effective branding plan.  Therefore we merged Chung Ho Hung and Jidien.  We use JIDIEN as an official name for the entire business' global operations.  Since the merger, the JIDIEN family are more united and goal-driven than ever.

In 2014 after a careful analysis of the robotics industry, JIDIEN began to plan its robotics program in order to broaden its scope and offer a complete solution to its customers.  Our primary goal is to make our customers the leaders in their fields through our capability to provide a total solution.  As a family owned enterprise, we also want to make our employees feel that they are part of the family, satisfied and content with their work.


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